-The Butcher + 1st Argument (LONG TAKE) //  Tilt Down; Gerardo is cutting the meat then he goes to throw the piece of meat (08:00 song) he throws the piece of meat to the dog and we see that the dog grabs the piece of meat. Panning we go across the door and we see los compadres arguing and attacking each other. (Upper light flickering going on and off)

-The Butcher Scene (GO/Dog) // Gerardo cutting meats and possibly playback of him cutting. Then we see him that he’s walking singing the song and he approaches the dog to throw him the piece of meat (a fine cut type of meat)

-1st Argument room (2 Compadres/2 Security’s) // The compadre arrives and greets him and they start talking, the conversation gets tense when the compadre approaches him and starts attacking him by pointing his finger at him right on his chest and telling him “you’ve betrayed me asshole, all for the money, I really thought we were friends, you are,no doubt, a snake!!!” Dialogue (we can record audio with BTS or do Voice Over ) el compadre get shaken up and they both take out a gun and they point their gun to each other (we see the camera turn) the security walks in and they grab el compadre #2 taking away his gun, compadre #1 gives the security the order to take away compadre #2 , he looks away and spits the floor but compadre #2 resist but security still take him away.

-2nd Argument hall (1 Compadre/2 Security’s) // compadre #2 keeps pulling away and tries to escape we see a little bit of fight but at the end they manage to calm him down POV compadre #2 we see the upper lights how they dragged him they finally arrive to the surveillance office.

-Surveillance Office // compadre #1 is facing backwards looking at the cameras with his hands on his back when one of the securities gets there and tells him “boss, your compadre has arrived.” We see compadre #2 entrance the security pulls him up to show him into the camera (TV POV) when he goes into the casino looking around but a person that was playing in the casino sees that he left a bag with legal documents, cash, and some blocks of cocaine the player is a casino undercover security he talks on his radio to tell his boss what he just found  he proceeds to look inside the bag looking at the cash, drugs, and legal documents) he secures the casino and the bag.

-Casino // compadre 2 enters the casino looking around so no one could see him but someone that is playing in the casino sees that he left a bag with illegal documents, cash, and blocks of drugs the casino player is an undercover security from the casino he talks on the radio giving his boss information of what he just found he proceeds to look inside the bag (looking at the cash, drugs, illegal documents) he secures the casino and the bag.


-Cutting the meats (butcher setup)

-horns chair (butcher setup)


-him walking (around the area)
**Confirm w/ Victor which area he is talking about


Casino - 4th Floor (MUST SHOOT AT NIGHT)

-Use chandeliers, wall sconses, and set-piece specials.  Turn all other house lights off

-Have a gemball on a stick to fly in as needed

-Have a tall stand and baby pin to receive a Sony A7s “security camera”

-Have a 19degree and a 26 degree leko on standby for shafts of light

Butcher Hero Setup

-Use two back wall house lights, turn everything else off

-S60 cyan bounced into floor from right side for shadows

-Rig art practical overhead butcher table; augment with soft source as needed

-Have 2x 26 degree leko ready off frame right as edges ON DIMMERS

-May need to duvatyne over the armoir in BG

-300w special overhead of where VFX dog is located

-150w special on door

-150w special for edge on the freezer curtains??

-8’ speed rail rigged to ceiling for art department curtains

Butcher 360

Office 180

-Small soft dimmable unit to augment blue light from TVs

-Small soft skirted overhead unit over chair 

-S60 cyan bounce for shadows

Compadre Argument 360

-Bare bulbs hanging

-2x Asteras rigged to ceiling over hero area

-1x Astera cyan for shadows